Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Instruments Manufacturer

We have different Laboratory Instruments Manufacturer and Consumables related to and used in clinical and research laboratories for the preparation, separation and analysis of samples. A wide classification of Instruments that are used to analyze material samples we have.

  • Travelling Microscope

    Travelling Microscope

  • Ammeter


    Desc : Moving Coil Meters for Labs

  • Galvanometer


    Desc : 30-0-30 Moving Coil Meter

  • Geissler Tube in Case

    Geissler Tube in Case

  • Helmholtz Galvanometer 2

    Helmholtz Galvanometer 2

  • Induction Coil 50 Mm

    Induction Coil 50 Mm

  • Lab Jack

    Lab Jack

  • Orsat App

    Orsat App

  • Radiometer